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"Brian Noyes is a perfect example of the kind of innovative person who adds reward to the general appreciation of all things culinary. The reward is chiefly for his customers, but there's pleasure for Brian, too."– CAROL JOYNT, New York Social Diary
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Our seasonal pies:
We use fresh local seasonal ingredients, so that's why you'll find a peach pie here only during peach season; right now we're baking the pies listed below. In order to acquire all necessary ingredients in advance, and with the unpredictability of weather, all pie presales are final with no refunds nor cancellations, including weather-related issues. Thanks for understanding. All of our pies are $26 and baked in a metal pie plate so that you can claim you baked it yourself; due to their fragile nature, we don't ship any pies except for our mincemeat pie

~ Lemon chess pies with a light sweet tang
~ Traditional apple pies (double crust)
~ Dutch crumb apple pies with cinnamon streusel
~ Salted caramel apple pies
~ Pecan pies
~Kentucky pecan pies with bourbon and chocolate
~ Authentic mincemeat pies, by special order (our one-man crusade to resurrect the maligned pie was featured in Esquire magazine; they deemed it "mission accomplished!")

Today’s soup:
Chilled Thai coconut (vegetarian) Potato corn chowder with bacon

Today’s cookie:
We'll also be baking peanut butter, molasses, castaway, snicker doodles, orange poppyseed and birdseed cookies on occasion.
~ Monday: Oatmeal cranberry
~ Tuesday: Peanut butter
~ Wednesday: Chocolate chip
~ Thursday: Ranger with oats, pecans and coconut
~ Friday: Oatmeal cranberry
~ Saturday: Buttermilk chocolate chewies

Sandwiches every day:
Our customers love our sandwiches, and we try to have enough on hand to keep everyone happy. We make everything by hand, roasting local chickens for our chicken salad, cooking up local eggs for our egg salad--we even make our own sweet pickles and relish--and therefore can make only a limited number of sandwiches each day. If you’d like a large number, we ask that you give us 48 hours’ notice so that we can properly prepare your order and allow plenty for others. We’re happy to provide a larger quantity of bagged lunches for your picnic, school event and other outings: Choose from chicken salad, tuna or ham sandwich on our own bread, cookie, chips and water, $10; minimum of 10 orders at this price. Just give us a couple of day’s notice and we'll have them waiting for you.

~ Chicken salad on our wheat bread: fresh local chicken roasted in our kitchen, and mixed with grapes, apples, celery, raisins, walnuts and a hint of curry, with local bibb lettuce
~ Ham and cheese on our rosemary focaccia: smoked black forest ham and white cheddar, with mayonnaise, honey mustard and bibb lettuce
~ Tuna salad on our wheat bread, with mayonnaise and our own homemade sweet pickles, with bibb lettuce
~ Egg salad with fresh local eggs, with mayonnaise and our own homemade sweet pickles, with bibb lettuce

Additional sandwiches throughout the week may include:
~ Homemade meatloaf on our focaccia with mustard, mayonnaise and local bibb lettuce
~ Veggie "beetloaf" (fall and winter) with roasted beets, sweet potatoes and ground walnuts on our focaccia
~ Veggie caravan (spring and summer) with French lentils, quinoa, sweet potatoes, walnuts, oats, kale, hummus, herbed goat cheese, cream cheese on our focaccia

Red Truck Bakery & Market | 22 Waterloo Street at the Courthouse | Warrenton, Virginia 20186 | 540-347-2224 |
HOURS:  We're open Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm; Saturdays 7:00 am to 4:00 pm; we're closed on Sundays.  We ship nationwide!